Action Steps for America encourages constituent involvement

While many people are feeling disenfranchised with everything we’re seeing from our government these days, some are not sure how to channel their frustrations. Instead of sitting idly by, DeKalb resident Sarah Moses opted to take action. This is how Action Steps for America in DeKalb was born.

“The main goal is helping people learn how to contact their representatives to let them know how they feel about issues so [our representatives] have a good feel for what their constituents want,” said Moses.

Moses says the most important way to influence policies is to be in contact with the representative for your district, both the House representative for your district and your senators.

Corporations vs. Constituents

While there are many important issues that currently need to be addressed, including education and environmental issues, Moses cites one in particular she’d like to see action on.

“I personally think the most important thing to do is to get money out of politics, so campaign finance reform,” said Moses. “Because if these senators and congress people don’t have campaign donors that are giving them tons of money for their campaigns, then they don’t have to vote based on what corporations want, they can vote based on what the constituents want.”

Get Informed and Get Involved

Nationwide, we’ve seen a mobilization of the masses at various town halls. For Moses, there is a simple criteria to define success for Action Steps for America, something she’d like to see to see from both local and national constituents.

“I would like to see people involved in government and I would like to see people understanding how policies directly affect their daily lives,” said Moses. “I would like people to be aware of what their congress person is doing…and making their voice heard on a regular basis so we have true representation of the majority of America.”

To find your elected officials, click here.


(UPDATED 5/8/17)


Democracy vs. Dictatorship

During a Feb. 12 interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, while discussing the fallout from President Trump’s travel ban, President Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller made a startling statement.

“…our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned,” said Miller.

While no one is questioning that the president has “substantial” powers, the “will not be questioned” part of that statement is concerning.

Miller is incorrect. We need both the media and fellow citizens to take an active role in holding our public officials accountable. Yes, the president SHOULD be questioned. All of our elected officials should.

Just this morning, President Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump’s phones at Trump Tower last year, according to Trump’s Mar. 4 tweets. These are damning allegations, yet President Trump offered no proof to corroborate these claims. This is a perfect example of why the president NEEDS to be questioned.

The ability to question our leaders is what separates a democracy from a dictatorship.

Exercise your democratic right and make your voices heard by contacting the White House directly at


(updated 4/10/17)