Donald Trump’s Twitter page vs. the world


While Twitter is a useful platform for sharing and disseminating information, it can also be a dangerous tool. While one wouldn’t normally equate Twitter with the word “dangerous,” in the wrong hands, it can certainly be a dangerous tool. President Donald Trump is the living embodiment of this fact.

Scrolling through the president’s Twitter feed, one cannot help but notice his tendency to frequently insult individuals, groups of people, foreign leaders or entire countries through his various Tweets.

This has the potential to be dangerous when the president takes to his Twitter page to air his grievances with foreign leaders. For example, President Trump took a swing at Canada for making “business for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and other border states very difficult,” according to his April 25 Tweet. He went on to say that “We will not stand for this,” and delivered a vague threat of “watch!”.

Picking a fight, on Twitter no less, with a U.S. ally seems like another ill-advised move in what has become a long list of ill-advised moves since the president took the oath of office.

While transparency is important in any administration, it would be advisable for the president to use better judgement when making such statement via Twitter, which have the potential to start unnecessary conflicts.



updated 5/7/17 



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